Care instructions for Kanmara® in a container:

Terrace, balcony, doorstep or front garden


  • Die Kanmara® is ideal for the terrace, the doorstep or the balcony. The beautiful colours of its flowers guarantee an unrivalled display until well into late summer or autumn.
  • It can be placed in its growing pot in a pot cover, or replanted in a large pot or container with drainage holes.
  • Kanmara® is the ideal choice to follow on from spring flowering plants such as pansies, violas, myosotis, bellis or spring flower bulbs. It will keep blooming from late spring throughout summer and into autumn.


  • Kanmara® enjoys a sheltered spot in partial shade away from strong winds. When it has become acclimatised to summer weather it will tolerate a little more exposure to sun, however full sun should be avoided.
  • A frost-free location is preferable. Although quite hardy late frosts may damage young shoots and buds.


  • Keeping hydrangeas well-watered is essential, especially in hot weather.
  • Kanmara® must not be allowed to dry out, however it is very sensitive to water-logging. Excess water must be able to drain away.
  • Do not water Kanmara® from above, always water directly into the pot.


  • For magnificent blooms feed Kanmara® with a high-potash liquid fertiliser regularly during the growing season, or twice a year with a slow release shrub fertiliser.
  • Treatment with a hydrangea colourant is not required during the flowering season.

Blue coloration

  • To maintain the flower colour of Kanmara® in rosé and lilac in subsequent years, treat the plants from late summer with hydrangea colourant; available from most garden centres.


  • Regular pruning of Kanmara® is not necessary. If the plant grows too large for your situation whole stems can be removed at the base.
  • After overwintering in a frost-free place remove the old flower heads, cutting back to just above newly sprouting leaf buds.
Do not eat.